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Non-Professional Pesticide Distributor Course

Using Garden Plant Protection Products Safely (ROI)

The Horticultural Trade Association (HTA) and IASIS have developed an online course for Distributors of Non Professional/Amateur Plant Protection Products. This course will assist staff in providing good quality service to customers and ensure that businesses comply with S.I. No 155 of 2012, European Communities (Sustainable Use of Pesticides) Regulations.

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Why Join IASIS

All Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine (DAFM) registered Pesticide Advisors and Professional Pesticide Distributors must, as part of their contract with DAFM, have the required number of credits in an approved CPE scheme. Your signed contract states "I will participate in the required Continuous Professional Education (CPE) to maintain valid registration. In the event of failing to maintain CPE, I accept that my name may be removed from the register of Pesticide Advisors". IASIS is an approved compliant CPE register.

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CRRU/Wildlife Aware Course - Using Rodenticides Responsibly

The Campaign for Responsible Use Ireland (CRRU Ireland) and IASIS have developed a one-day course for professional pest management technicians that have completed their basic training. The emphasis is on an Integrated Pest Management approach to rodent pest control with implementation of the CRRU Code, to facilitate the effective and responsible use of rodenticide, ensuring that exposure of birds of prey and other top predators is minimised.

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IASIS Mission Statement

To achieve excellence in the training of retail distributors thereby facilitating the sustainable distribution and sale of plant protection, animal health and pest control products; to ensure storage, sales and display facilities are designed and constructed in compliance with relevant statutory requirements and are managed and operated to achieve a high level of protection for workers and for the environment.

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