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Under the terms and conditions of becoming registered as a Professional Pesticide Distributors (PDs) each PD must maintain CPE every year in order to maintain their registration. The IASIS CPE Scheme for PDs requires PDs to obtain at least 25 CPE Credits per year. Below is a series of online PD CPE Modules which have each been allocated 5 IASIS PD CPE Credits. To access the modules please LOGIN to the IASIS website Members Area

Online PD Courses

Course Name CPE Credits Completed / Book
Environmental Protection and Water Disposal 5 Open Course
Storage Practice 5 Open Course
Legislation 5 Open Course
Labelling 5 Open Course
Manual handling 5 Open Course
Fire Awareness 5 Open Course
Health & Safety 5 Open Course
Point Sources 5 Open Course
Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine 5 Open Course
Diffuse Sources 5 Open Course