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Under the terms and conditions of registering as a pesticide advisor(PA), pesticide distributor(PD) or trained professional Pest Management User(PMU) with DAFM you must maintain Continuous Professional Education (CPE). IASIS Ltd maintains a register of CPE credits for its members and there is an annual membership fee of:

  • Pesticide Advisor   €65
  • Pesticide Distributor   €38
  • Trained Professional Pest Management User (PMU)   €38

Under the IASIS CPE scheme you are required to obtain at least 100 credits annually or an average of 100 credits over two years as a pesticide advisor and 25 CPE Credits annually as a pesticide distributor. Trained Professional Pest Management Users are required to obtain at least 50 credits annually or an average of 50 over the previous two years. IASIS records this information and allows you to monitor your credit position online. This information is forwarded to DAFM on your behalf. The full information on the IASIS CPE scheme and how credits are allocated and obtained can be found on the IASIS website.

A list of CPE accredited events are listed on the IASIS website. An IASIS CPE register sign in sheet is available at CPE accredited events and you must sign this register in order to claim your IASIS CPE Credits. Please note it is your responsibility to sign this register.

IASIS also maintains a Wildlife Aware CPE Scheme for which CPE Credits are allocated.

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